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Community Update

It's the beginning of the year yet, there is quite a bit happening in our corner of the world

I spoke with Mike Mylette the head of the Utilities Department, we discussed several things so let's first start with the redesign of the water system. Mike said it would take at least 4-5 months to complete so not to look for a completed design from the engineers until most likely April. You have to take into consideration that our water lines our not just ours. They affect communities as far away as South Gate and Lakewood Ranch and beyond because everything is connected.

I asked him if we could get something done about the smell that comes out of the lift station that is on the far corner of the property where the new Park is going. Located at 27th Parkway and Monica Parkway the lift station sits directly across from 24th Parkway. Mike said it has an odor capture system on it. I had to inform him it most definitely was not working. My actual description included something about 15 over rip port a potties in the sun for 2 weeks and went on from there, he got the picture. It's being fixed.

And lastly Mike informed me that sometime in March we will be getting new water meters. Mike asked his team to let me know before they start so I can let the community know. I asked why but got no real answer to which I let him know many of us including me have had wacky water bills out of the blue and don't appreciate it,. He was no help.

The Park which has been stalled for 10 years now is finally getting some traction. I started calling in October every week to find out what was going on and why hasn't anything happened? Since then we are now on our 3rd project manager. We now have someone named Sonja Ivanovic. I have had many emails back and forth with her as it seems the entire project has changed from the last time we met with Neighborhood Services. I will just give you the highlights.

The County has recently awarded a contract to a design firm that is working on Kensington Park improvements

They will be holding a public information meeting at an appropriate time in the design to share updates with the community

Estimated design completion is expected to be sometime in the fall of 2023

When they presented the Park plan during Covid via skype they took that as a final plan for the Park

When they came to the Association meeting in February of 2022 and we wanted to make changes we were told there was no money or time to make changes so they are moving ahead with the that plan

Homeless Camp on Monica Parkway – I can't really get into the details but I can tell you we have been working on this since October. There have been a few bumps in the road one of which is our Sheriff's Deputy liaison Deputy Brian Keane had an unexpected leave of absence for 2 months. However, we are now back on track and trespass warrants are being filed to have them removed from the area. Please do not harass them in any manner.

We are currently collecting signature on petitions for stop signs at Ingot and Prudence where the kids cross to go to school and at Tee Road and Prudence where there is a blind curve and there have been several accidents and a lot of near misses.

If you would like to help collect signatures which is required to get the stop signs please email us or respond to this email

Sarasota County Sponsored Community Cleanup is April 22 – If you have anything left over from hurricane IAN or just junk in general its time to get ready to get rid of it. Mark Your Calendar!

Calling all volunteers especially if you are one who likes to walk. We need people to help deliver the Kensington Park newsletter. There generally are 3 a year. If you would like to volunteer for anything please let us know.

If you would like to volunteer in any please let us know by responding to this post or emailing us at

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