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Updated: Dec 19, 2022

Today we met with Deputy Brian Keane who is the Sarasota County Sheriff's department liaison for Kensington Park.

We discussed the issues that are happening in our community at the present time. As it seems we need to get more attention to issues before things escalate.

Some may not be aware there have been a few attempted break ins, some while the people were home. There also have been people lurking around homes and breaking into screened porches. There was also a report of someone hiding in the bushing spying on young girls while pleasuring himself.

The police were called on each of these issues but reports were not filed because they felt there was not enough evidence to file a report. When we discussed this with Deputy Keane he was very concerned that reports were not filed as a pattern seems to be evolving. He called his Captain to request more patrols in Kensington Park and discuss more accurate reporting.

We also got updates on some ongoing investigations in our community. We can not discuss them as they are on going open investigations. However, please know the Sheriff's department is working hard to cleanup out community.

If you have or know of an issue in our community that need to be addressed let us know in order to keep our community safe. You can do this totally anonymously by emailing us at or going to our website and using the contact us option we will be contact Deputy Keane with your concerns.

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