Newsletter, Fall/Winter 2021

Updated: Apr 2

Hello Neighbors,

September is here and it has proven to be yet another most trying and difficult year for us all. Between the ongoing COVID crisis, political dissensions, health and employment issues, housing and financial difficulties, almost every single one of us has been affected in one way or another. Our hearts go out to any and all suffering these struggles.

We, the Executive Board of the KPCA, wish to thank all of the Association members and residents who have been able to lend us their support through their membership dues, donations, volunteer time, attending monthly meetings, and reaching out to bring issues to our attention. It all makes a difference.

We would also like to recognize and commend the many neighbors have put considerable effort into maintening and improving their properties. This really does help make Kensington Park a great and desirable place to live.

This will be the last publication of the KPCA Newsletter for 2021. We invite you to join us for our last three member meetings of the year or visit our website at to stay updated on neighborhood news.

The KPCA Board wishes you all a happy and healthy Fall and Winter season. Stay safe through the holidays!

2021 KPCA Meeting Schedule

The KPCA Membership meeting: First Tuesday of each month at 7pm.

  • January 5th

  • February 2nd

  • March 2nd

  • April 6th

  • May 4th

  • June 1st

  • July 6th

  • August 3rd

  • September 7th

  • October 5th

  • November 2nd

  • December 7th

Contribute To The Newsletter

The Kensington Park Newsletter staff is always looking for interesting and engaging content to publish. If you would like to contribute to the newsletter with stories, an upcoming event, a recipe, relevant articles, or information about our neighborhood, please email us at:

Announcements & Updates

In Memoriam: Maria (Betty) Bruquetas It is with great sadness that we announce the death of Betty Bruquetas on Thursday, August 12, 2021. She succumbed after a long illness which she fought with her well-known valor. Betty was admired and beloved by all who knew her within the Kensington Park Community. She served on the Board for many years as a unit director, recruiting Board members and faithfully delivering our community newsletter. Neighbors near Galleon PL may remember seeing her walk her little orange terrier, Susie, most mornings and evenings with a quick pace as though on a mission. Indeed, Betty was often on a mission!

She was a community builder. A strong woman, independent, hard-working, ethical, faith-filled, determined, committed to living a holistic, healthy life. Those who met her in 1997 when she moved in with her parents called her Maria. She reverted to her childhood name, Betty, partly at her father’s request. Betty served leadership roles not only with the Kensington Park Association, but also with the local Gulf Coast FL chapter of Returned Peace Corps Volunteers, which she was instrumental in forming. She loved mystery books and belonged to a book club. She also loved watching Classic movies, Westerns, Mysteries and “old fashioned” shows. She worked as a social worker for years, studied theology, worked in the Catholic Church with youth, then eventually transitioned into the Sarasota County Public School system assisting teachers with students who spoke Spanish as their primary language. Betty threw herself into everything she did. If a task needed handling, she launched into it with great energy, as if she couldn’t rest until the task were done. She consistently encouraged others, and was a great listener.

We are relieved her struggle is over; awed by her determination to fully experience each moment of each day while honoring her Creator, even while her life did not unfold the way she wanted. Betty was determined to live life to the fullest. She surrounded herself with an incredible community of friends.

Peace be with her spirit. A new angel graces Heaven. And peace be with each of us, as with broken hearts we mourn the loss of a friend and lover of life.

Public Park Update In May, Monet Moore sent the KPCA Board a document that outlined and detailed the meeting from April 6th. To refresh your memory, representatives from Sarasota County attended the KPCA member meeting to provide an update on the progress of the KP Public Park project. We provided an overview of the meeting in the last KP newsletter. The document sent by Ms. Moore has a more complete accounting of the meeting. It also includes the complete Question & Answer section at the end of the meeting.

KPCA Board of Directors Update

This year, the Kensington Park Civic Association Board of Directors has gone through a number of changes. The year started with the addition of two new faces to the Board: Dan Nolan as Secretary and Christopher Austin as 2nd Vice President. As the year progressed, the Covid pandemic introduced numerous challenges and life became much more complicated. These new challenges, combined with other life responsibilities, made sitting on the Board prohibitively difficult for two of our members, Dan Nolan and 1st Vice President John Heinne. As such, they chose to step down from the Board of Directors. We would like to thank both Dan and John for their service to the Board, the civic association, and to Kensington Park. It is our hope that the trials of life ease up enough for these two KP neighbors to invest their time and remarkable skills once again to help grow our community.

The remaining board members confirmed two committee members to step in and fill the void.

We are delighted to welcome John Kallio as 1st VP and Pamella Callender as Secretary for the remainder of 2021. John Kallio comes with KPCA Board experience as he had served as 2nd VP in 2 and Pam Callender is very active in the community with ecological projects that reintroduce Florida native plants to the area.

Please join us in welcoming both John and Pam to the KPCA Board of Directors!

KPCA Election Time

By the 1st of October each year, the Kensington Park Civic Association Board of Directors selects a minimum of three resident members in good standing for a Nominating Committee. That Committee chooses and submits a written slate of nominees for the upcoming, annual Board of Directors election to be presented at the November Members Meeting.

Can you help out with this one-time, short-term, committee position? If you are interested, please contact us at: The Nominating Committee

Events & Seasonal Topics

Community Yard Sale

It’s time to clean out those attics, closets, and garages and make a little extra dough. The annual KPCA community yard sale is scheduled for October 16 with a rain date of October 23. Any resident wishing to participate should contact KPCA if they want to have their address listed on our official KPCA Yard Sale webpage. This will make it easier for people

to find your stuff! In addition to the website, announcements with the date are listed on Next Door and Facebook and Community Yard Sale signs will be posted a week prior at the neighborhood entrances. Send an email to:

Halloween Safety Tips Walk in groups and stay together. Young children should always be with parents or a trusted adult. Don’t eat treats or candy until a parent or trusted adult has assured its safety. Take a photo of your kids in their costumes before leaving home. Remind children to NEVER enter a stranger’s house to get candy. Make sure kids’ costumes are flame-retardant.

Consider carrying a flashlight or something reflective at night. Plan out your trick-or-treat route ahead of time. Have a plan in case your group gets separated. Immediately report any criminal or suspicious activity to the police.


Things Only Get Better When You Get Involved

Kensington Park Civic Association is an organization for the community run by the

community. Without the effort of neighbors like you, we can’t get anything done… and there’s LOTS to do.

Consider volunteering some time in an area that interests you. Beautification, Security, Welcoming, and Activity Committees all need good people to help out. Our new website or our newsletter could always use an article, recipe, or photo. Or, if you have a suggestion, let us know! We welcome fresh and engaging ideas.

Email Us:

Sarasota County Code Information There are many resources available to learn about the Sarasota County codes and ordinances. Here are some people, departments, websites, and phone numbers you can use if you have questions, concerns, or service requests.

Sarasota County Call Center: 941-861-5000 The county has provided a call center for all neighbors to report issues including broken signs, potholes, trees/ branches, street lights, anything blocking the right of way, or any one of the other issues mentioned in this article.

Code Enforcement Officer: 941-650-3502 Tom Palumbo drives the neighborhood regularly and addresses issues. He is very happy to answer your calls about the above violations.

Waste Management: 941-493-4100 Use this number to schedule pickups for large items also, such as TVs, furniture, or appliances. Requests for pick-ups must be made 48 hours prior to collection day. This service is free. This number should also be called if you have a problem or complaint with routine waste pickup.

Animal Services: 941-861-9500 stray (feral/homeless), loose, sick or injured animals

Non-emergency police: 941-316-1201 non life threatening situations

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