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Update on the Entrances – You can make a Difference!

The Kensington Park Board of Directors prides itself on putting the community first and this year, that meant making sure we make a good first impression when you drive into our community. This called for a complete revamp of the entrances. This was quite an undertaking as there was far more maintenance than working on the actual planting beds. The stone work and the lanterns needed maintenance as well.

It not only gives a good first impression, it sets the tone for our community, it say we care about where we live. It also helps to raise our property values.

We now need your help to finish the project. We are ready to start putting in plants, as you may know plants can be costly. We have setup a gofundme account which you can donate to by scanning the QR code above. Use any smart phone camera to scan to QR code or go to Donate what you can the amount doesn't matter small, or large it all adds up. By all means please share on all your social media platforms and email as you never know who might donate.

This is a quick update on what we have done so far:

Monica Parkway entrance - the stone walls were pressure washed and sealed. The letters on the sign were painted as were the lanterns. The stone retaining walls in front of the beds were also painted. The beds themselves were weeded, sprayed and fresh mulch was put down.

27th Parkway entrance - the pillars and the stucco wall were pressure washed. The lanterns have been painted. There is no planting bed there.

Gocio Road entrance – the rotting railroad ties have been removed and disposed of. In their place are decorative block that have been painted a dark brown as has been the culvert. The dead plants and weeds have been removed. The pillars have been pressure washed. The lanterns have been painted and the broken light above the sign has been replaced. New landscape netting has been put down with fresh mulch over that.

Andrea entrance – the dead plants have been removed, the new planting bed has been formed. The decorative block has been set in place with the landscape netting down and fresh mulch in place . The pillars have been pressure washed and the lanterns and block are soon to be painted.

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