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Open Invitation to the Kensington Park Neighborhood Environmental Enhancement Committee

Please come by on Sunday April 24 from 3 to 4pm at the future County Park location on the corner of Monica Parkway and 27th Parkway to discuss Lawn Edging Campaign, Lifelines projects and general information about our role in The Park. Parking off 27th parkway will be marked. Free plants for attending!!

Contact: Pamela Callender 941.932.2993 (Cell) or email

Pamela Callender, MFAIA Founder of Lifelines, Connecting Nature's Habitat Chapter Representative Florida Native Plant Society Kensington Park Civic Association, Environmental Enhancement Chairperson Friends of Osprey Junction Trailhead Sarasota County Park Board Member and Art Curator Eckerd College, Adjunct Professor Eco Art History Fogartyville Media and Arts Center, Visual Art Curator Hermitage Fellow

(text) 941.932.2993

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