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Sign Placement and Garage Sale Guidelines

Recently several residents have reached out to the Association in regards to missing signs they placed around the community and at the entrances.

We have have responded to assure them we have not and did not remove nor take their signs yet we still get messages continually so I reached out to Mike Taylor our Code Enforcement officer to see if they have been picked up by them. Indeed they have been.

Following is the Sarasota County Code for sign placement and for garage sales. I hope this helps.

County code:

Garage or yard sales are permitted only by the resident on their property and are allowed once every four months at any given location. The sale may not exceed three consecutive days in length. Advertising signs may not be placed on any County rights-of-way.

In speaking with Mike he made it clear that as traffic signs and safety signs are in the rights-of-way any signs that may be attached to them will be removed as well. This applies to any and all signs.

As Code Enforcement Officers it is their duty to remove offending signs.

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