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Storm Debris & Yard Waste Pickup

Noticed the yard waste wasn't picked up yesterday so I called Waste Management today to see what was happening. They said they were being stretched pretty thin with all the debris pickup because people are putting there garbage cans and bags filled with debris out on the curb for yard waste pick up instead of putting it in the debris pile so it is taking longer for pickup as the trucks are filling up faster putting everything behind. They said it will be picked up by Friday. I also asked about the debris pickup as it was supposed to start Monday, the 10th. They have picked up 2977 loads which equated to 149,790 cubic yards of tree storm debris which was far more than they thought there would be, therefore they are running a few days behind schedule.

They did start picking up in our area yesterday and said that will be picking up our debris withing the next 7 to 10 days. Just be patient and we will all ge through this.

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