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KPCA - Wants to Hear From You

Whether you are active in the association or not, we want to know what you think about the Kensington Park neighborhood! On this page you can use the different forms to send KPCA suggestions, participate in polls, nominate neighbors for yard of the month, and more!

General Contact Form

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KPCA Mailing List


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Yard of the Month
Nomination Form


  • Yard of the Month Details, Rules, & Restrictions - Please Read

  • A residence can be noninitiated multiple times a year but can only be awarded Yard of the Month award once per year.

  • A person may not nominate their own home.

  • Yard of the Month winners are voted on and chosen by the KPCA board of directors.

  • Yard of the Month winners agree to have pictures of their yard taken for the KPCA website, print newsletter, and digital newsletter.

  • With the winner’s permission, KPCA will post the Yard of the Month winner’s address on the website and in the newsletters.

  • With the winner’s permission, Yard of Month Winners will have the Yard of the Month lawn sign in their yard for 1 month.

  • Other restrictions may apply.

Are Your KPCA Dues Payed for This Year?
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