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  • Keep grass and weeds below 12” at all times.

  • Keep property free of yard waste, debris and garbage, and keep carports free of junk and litter.

  • Vehicles parked or stored outside a garage must be currently licensed and operative.

  • One boat may be parked on the property and must belong to the owner or tenant residing at the property

  • One recreational vehicle may be parked outside of a completely enclosed building. Living in motor homes, RV’s and  campers is prohibited in residential areas.

  • Home businesses may not include customers or employees going to or from your residence. Also, materials and supplies may not be stored in the premises.

  • Signs erected on the rights of way of any public street, road or way are prohibited.

  • Be sure to obtain the proper permits for construction projects.

  • Call Code enforcement (861.6491) before installing a shed. Call Public Works (NRT) before installing a fence on or near the right of way.

  • The parking, servicing, or repair and storage of trucks, buses, vans, tractors and trailers in excess of 6,000 pounds when empty is prohibited

  • No open burning.

  • Yard and Carport Sales. Limited to four yard sales per year and three days at a time. Signs must not be placed on County property, utility poles, trees or stop signs.

  • All signs must be staked to the ground and removed after three days.

  • Absolutely no signs are to be attached to our entrance Pole Lights.

  • Barking dogs. No dog is allowed to bark for a length of time. Dogs and cats must be on a leash or in a fenced yard.

  • No solicitation, unless solicitors have a permit from the County.

  • No loud music or parties after 11 pm and no loud noise before 7am, such as lawn mowing, sawing or hammering.

  • All dirt bikes, motor bikes, or motorcycles must display appropriate licenses and be operated by a licensed driver.

  • It is unlawful to remove shopping carts from the shopping center.

  • Only two (2) recreational vehicles per property.

  • Speed limit in Kensington Park is 25 miles per hour. It’s enforced.

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