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To Get Involved


There are many ways to get involved with the Kensington Park Civic Association. We are always in need of engaged neighbors looking to help improve our community. Here are a few areas where we could use your help. If you have something different in mind, please do not hesitate to use the contact form to reach out and make a suggestion.




THIS REQUIRES A 1 TIME INFO/TRAINING SESSION WITH OFFICER HICKS (our Sheriff liaison), and a minimum of two separate 1-hour patrols driving around KP each month. The time is picked by you and your partner as 2 people must go together, so this can fit into any schedule. It is for observation only, of anyone or things that seems suspicious, and you do not leave your car.




These two individuals are responsible to deliver our newsletters in their own unit only 3 times per year. There are 8 units in KP, so we technically need 16 people. We have a few volunteers already, so presently the need is less. You will work under the direction of a lead volunteer. At least 1 info/organizational meeting will be necessary before your first delivery. It does require driving and/or walking. There need not be any direct contact even though you will go door to door.




These individuals will work under the direction of a chairperson. We need 3 people (preferably at least 1 Bi-lingual individual (Spanish-English), to join 1 present volunteer, for you must again go out in pairs. This also requires driving/walking, as you do go to provided addresses to welcome new residents to Kensington Park and leave informational packets. Each pair can pick the day, time, etc, making it flexible. As with the above there will be at least 1 info/organizational meeting.




These individuals will work as a team under the direction of the Beautification Comm leader. Basically, this involves weeding, watering and planting as needed at the 4 main entrances of KP. Also picking up litter and informing the Board as maintenance needs arise. This committee can have a big impact on property values as a whole. As funds allow, we continue to work toward entrance improvements, so future projects would involve more hands.

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