Association Meetings

Meetings are open to all Kensington Park residents.

We encourage you to attend the next meeting!

Day & Time:
Meetings are held the first Tuesday of the month at 7pm. KPCA volunteers put yard signs around the neighborhood several days before meeting.


The Association meetings usually take place at the Calvary Church located at 3800 27th Parkway.


The time and place of the meetings are subject to change, and any changes are published in various locations including the website and the print and email newsletter. Newsletters are published periodically throughout the year.

2021 KPCA

Meeting Schedule

The KPCA Membership meeting:
First Tuesday of each month at 7pm.

  • January 5th

  • February 2nd

  • March 2nd

  • April 6th

  • May 4th

  • June 1st

  • July 6th

  • August 3rd

  • September 7th

  • October 5th

  • November 2nd

  • December 7th

Screenshot 2022-02-19 143943.png
Screenshot 2022-02-19 143943.png

Past Meeting